Dark Side of the Net
Cyberpunk links
AltaVista - Power Search
Customize Links
Free Hotmail
Windows Media
Cybergoth Links


The Sindarin Dictionary project - Introduction
Quenya Course
Tengwar Textbook - 2nd Edition
Fränkisches Lexikon
Steel Pen Nibs -
Japanese Lessons - Semester I
LEO English-German Dictionary
Let's learn HIRAGANA!
Österreichisches Deutsch Homepage
Österreichisches Deutsch und Österreichisches Wörterbuch
Plautdietsch Dictionary; Index
International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
Digital Kana Flashcards
The Kanji SITE - A guide for students of Japanese Kanji
Spencerian Script
Free Handwriting Analysis!
Tengwar Textbook - 3rd Edition
World of Nushu
ipa with sound files
Index of Scripts
The Schoyen Collection Palaeography -- 4.4. Latin documentary scripts
Glossary of linguistic terms
English Handwriting 1500-1700 An Online Course



TUCOWS Win95-98 Atlanta server
Enigma Browser 3.5.0
ircN Online
Softy Font Editor Instructions
Welcome to !
Xteq X-Setup
Trillian - Communicate with Flexibility and Style. - The - definitive source for all that is geoShell
LiteStep 0.24.5 Documentation
DLL, ocx and CD ROM driver downloads
Pornzilla 1.0
Desktop Architect Home
Aptiva - Mwave level 20D drivers (33.6Kbps data-14.4Kbps fax) and MIDI samples for Microsoft Wi
Aptiva - 2134-2176 Diagnostics - Index of symptoms, messages, error codes, and beeps
ChaosSoft - matrix screensaver


DeskMod - Your source for desktop modification
LiteStep and windows 2000
Cyanide Shop v1.0 @ 1001 Winamp Skins


CSS Reference by tag
Microsoft WEFT

hardware and building

Ars Technica How-To's & Tweaks
Ars Technica The Complete System Building Guide - Page 1
A memory and RAM upgrade store by Crucial Technology
HardwareCentral - Your source for in-depth computer hardware info.
HardwareCentral - Tutorials - Build Your Own PC - Introduction
Case Depot - plain ol' case
Aptiva - 2176-C66-8R8 System technical specifications

File Sharing Apps

LimeWire An advanced free multiplatform file-sharing Gnutella compatible client.
WinMX - The best way to share your media

Ars Technica The PC enthusiast's resource
unofficial Aptiva Support
Welcome to
LS Commands - core documentation Technology Risk Laboratories
Spychecker - database of Spyware (adware) products lets you detect spyware before you download. Remanufactured PCs Desktop Computers
SpywareInfo · Spyware and Hijackware Removal Specialists



Recycle Your Ears
Last Sigh - reviews and tracklists


godspeed you black emperor - this is your new home
LPD ONLINE CENTRAAL - Cage Decay - Whitehouse
Susan Lawly Official Website - Dark Seeds - Repoze (by the1)
Mr eel - musick fiend - platelet
welcome to planetmyer 1.2
ouroboros borealis [skincage]
Pneumatic Detach - Survival Unit
reisswolvf - welcome - industrial music - elektro - electro - electronic music - ebm - mp3 - do
Discography of Mesh
destroika - pics of industrial noise technoid artists


classical MIDI links about_com
the Hautes-contre page
Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) Forum Frigate
Hear Trebles Sing
Classical Net
Record and CD Reviews
Classical Digest - Classical Music and More (listenable samples)
GEORGE F. HANDEL (1685 - 1759) good listing of HWVs
The Countertenors' new website
Orfeo Glorious Mailing List's Home Page - Powered by Senesino
Libretto Homepage
D Scarlatti sheet music - pdf
Score ABW5366 (agrippina score)

Robert Rich Page
Music Specialty Experimental, Noise, and Ambient
Machaut Discography, Biography, Lyrics
Hearts of Space
FATHOM (dark ambient)
Drum & Bass Arena
LHPO - live in berlin
WREK Radio 91.1 FM, Atlanta -- Georgia Tech Student Radio
WREK - Weekly Audio Archive
NoizGuild - World War IV
Real Synthetic Audio
Death Metal and Black Metal Music at The Dark Legions Archive
A Prehistory of Industrial Music
Electronic Musical Instrument 1870 - 1990
SACRED HARP RECS Chapter 5 - Recordings Traditional


Urban Primitive Body Design - Toronto, Canada - 416.966.9155 - Tattoos by Urban Primitive Artis
PolyKarbon Anime Manga Tutorials and Photoshop tips.
BRAID Media Arts - Home Search
The Art Of Dave McKean
DREAMLINE - an unofficial site for the works of Dave McKean
firstVIEW Womens Collections List
Other Photography WEBSITES
The Mangy Monkey Show
Chiaroscuro - Anime CG and Illustrations by Pirotess
explodingdog 2002
BL NDS GHT . . . Tattoos
Web Gallery of Art
Mark Harden's Artchive Artchive
CGFA- Misc. Artists -F- Page 1
deviantART; where ART meets application!
Hulton Archive Home
RiverZildjian Gallery manga art
Shoujo Manga Outline
ArtMagick - Browse Paintings by Artist
Artcyclopedia The Fine Art Search Engine
ARC International - The Art Renewal Center - made to order prints of paintings
National Portrait Gallery (you can order prints of their stuff)


LILEKS (James) The Institute of Official Cheer
Insta Rivethead Kit
Leisure Town Library


rivetty and military

knife shoppin
By The Sword, Inc. Home Page!
Bud K Worldwide
CRKT crawfor kasper for cheap
crkt crawford casper 30-

hazmat pins
Brigade Quartermasters
patches 2-nazi
Le Masque à Gaz
repro nazi flags
World Militaria-- CAMO
Major Surplus & Survival Online Store
'infectious substance' mugs, lunchbox
The Insignia of Alien³
Trident Military


Subversive Kanji Shirt
Radioactive Powered by
Belle & Blade nazi tour t-shirts

cool tarot decks

Sacred Circle Tarot
Chinese Tarot == Aeclectic Tarot
Art Nouveau Tarot == Aeclectic Tarot
Tarot of Casanova == Aeclectic Tarot

historical recreation etc


Swordmark Company Wax Seals & Sealing Wax
Sealing Wax and spoon
Melting Spoon
Dip Pens and goose quills
John Neal, Bookseller -- Copperplate Supplies

jewelry buttons buckles

Pretty Little Rhinestone & Pearl Brooch - Pinache (634) GOOD ONE
Pumpkins & Peacock Feathers larger picture for Fiery Pale Yellow And Amber Rhinestone Pin
A Touch of Nostalgia larger picture for Vintage Rhinestone Buckles
rhinestone buttons, jewelry wholesale awesome prices
Pretty Rhinestone Brooch, Shiner! - Up In Nellie's Room, Behind The Wallpaper. (2961)
Shoe Buckles
Impressive Rhinestone Brooch - Elite Repeats Fine Vintage Costume Jewelry (417)
Breech Straps - Knee Buckles


Metallic Trim
Metallic Lace (industry-only sales)
Metallic Trims & Ric Rac
Metallic Trims
surplus items, sewing, trim, ribbon, braid, decorative trims, velcro, webbing, pipping,
The Jay Company Trimmings and Notions
gold Lace @

Clocked Stockings
Small Swords
Leather Garters
Arms & Armor
Tights On Line Ladies Wool Tights
clearwater- cocked hats
The G. Gedney Godwin Catalog Page 20
Swordsman Shirt-Medieval-Victorian Era-Poet Style-Very Full Gathered Sleeve & Body
Gloves pearl gray leather 25-
Victorian Ribbon Fob w- Pearl Heart
repro keys
18th and 19th Century Hats and Bonnets 35- tricorne
Clearwater Hats
Lewis & Clark Antiques
Hosiery. 40 Colors On Tights, Stockings, Pantyhose.
McGahey The Tobacconist snuffboxes
Der Equestrian (brown top boot)
Riding Boots- brown top 350-
Effingham Ladies' Hunt Boot 390-
Cowboy Emporium Watch Chains and Fobs 20- ideal
Leather Gloves Online - awesome dress unlined gloves
Madova Gloves cheaper unlined stuff from italy 35-


Marsh-Net eBay Store
Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry eBay Store
Fine Hair Pins, hairsticks, & unique Hair Jewelry by Blue Heron Woodworks.
cheap amber+ sterling rings
Welcome to Cabochon Creations of Vermont cheap fo real
Jewelry Watches & Bracelets REQUIEM AETERNAM
Jewelry Alchemy Gothic Rings DEUS ET NATURA
Earth Spirit Emporium JP67 Pin Celtic Triskele
the super nice ornate ponytail holder pin type 22-
Kalupe Jewellery


Welcome to The Slash Novel Review Site Modern Primitives An Investigation of Contemporary Adornment & Ritual
The Ducklet's Jean Plaidy Page Folk & Festival Costume of the World European Costumes of the Sixteenth through Eighteenth Centuries English Costume from the 17th Through the 19th Centuries English Costume of the 18th Century Kizuna video
Kizuna manga
romances for sale
The Silmarillion (Illustrated Edition)
Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Find - New, Used, Rare, and Out-of-Print Books
Patterns of Fashion 1660-1860 janet arnold
Silk Designs of the Eighteenth Century From the Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Bud Plant Illustrated Books
ZVAB - Zentrales Verzeichnis Antiquarischer Bücher (Order Antiquarian Books Online)
Archives-Book Reviews historical fiction
Teresa's Historical Fiction Page
Master List of Historical Fiction Writers
Google Search rec.arts.books.hist-fiction
CVCO - Overbooked Table of Contents
CVCO - Overbooked Historical Fiction Stars
Georgian Setting Authors - A to B
Amano Yoshitaka artbooks
Yoshitaka Amano
Série Von Gotha (Strictement pour adultes) []
Wayward Books (PUBLished fanficcers)
Ars Libri, Ltd. (books on fine arts)

gothy + fetish

Reactor Rubberwear -
victorian goth - (also australian, good exchange rate)
Lip Service
Ipso Facto
Fetish Kitten Household
eye-spy eclectics - gothic clothing, lip service, black label, craig morrison bags and more for
Fairygothmother - 22-002 cyber goth jacket

fabric - Quilting Supplies - View
Farmhouse Fabricsbuy by fat 4
Ginger's- quiltknit_com half yard min buy
The Fabric Merchant - Terrific fabrics for quilters, crafts and sewing at terrific prices
tree leaf fat4s pack
The Door Mouse half yd min


Devon-Aire Riding Boots, gprix_com
Challenger synthetic Boots - PVC riding boot $50
Stompers Boots Home Page
browntop riding boots 250
How Cool - (Underground Gripfast Tuk boots cheap)
Cottage Craft Boots rubber riding boots 50-


Origami Crane Chopstick Rest
Off Sake Set
Microwave Safe Dinnerware Lindt Stymeist Craftworks Ebony
Mi Sun's - Asian Dinnerware TURQ DISHES

posters and prints

ARC Joshua Reynolds Page 1 of 3
Tapestries, wall hangings, cushions, pillows - European - Tapestry-Art. - chardin - boy pencil 15- - chardin - boy sharpening pencil - longhi - introduction 9- - panini painting of roman theatre (print) - panini theatre print smaller - pietro longhi - presentation
ARC Jean-Honoré Fragonard the bolt print
Barewalls chardin boy pencil 14-
The Abbe - beardsley print

REJECTS! harry potter scarves
Aladins Cave (turkish slippers 15-)
The Colophon Book Shop -- Member ABAA-ILAB
Hans Presto - Pens, Nibs, New & Vintage Writing Instruments - LINKS
Artograph Lightracer Light Box
eBay Store - Shanghai Tailor Coats, Belly Dance Ethinc Tribal, Plus Size
Strand Releasing Home (videos)
Decent Exposures--100% Cotton Comfort Designed by Women for Women
Welcome to MoviesUnlimited
Jamin Leather
Jamin Leather pants
Silk Turtleneck
WinterSilks Long johns, silk clothing
America's Best Christian's Gift of God Shop Bumper Stickers Powered by


harry potter

Dark Regard ~ An Harry Potter Fanfiction Archive ~
Harry Potter fanfiction - FanFic in All Shapes, Sizes & SHIPs!
Welcome to The Sugar Quill
FanFiction.Net Story Everything Changes
n o i r e . s e n s u s [Gramarye - Pairing Severus Snape x Lucius Malfoy]
The Sugar Quill - Snape fics by RJ Anderson
Gongaga 1.0 Fanfics
harry potter fanfic site
Diagon Alley

anime yaoi

Welcome to Aestheticism
Madamhydra's Lair
Kizuna by Kazuma Kodaka--Translations and Information from Hidden Pages
kizuna Scans
Soyokaze Fansubs
Bronze, Zetsuai translations
boys next door


Horny! Horny! Horny! - Horatio Hornblower (MA)
Message from the Admiralty
Horatio Hornblower Fan Fiction (MA) Frigging in the Rigging
Horatio Hornblower Fan Fiction Archive

original worlds

Sahari's Court of Eternity
Sahari's Tiger Prince
Original Slash Archive
The Node Original Yaoi Fiction
Questionable Reality
The Stories of Varangian London Calling original slashy fiction
AdultFanFiction.Net • . Story . Priceless Heart
Lost Boy's Stories


The Lure Of The Ring - Adult Slash Fiction
Versaphile `` Lord of the Rings Recommendations
Yahoo! Groups lxf LOTR slashfic
Liana Wanderwillow
Lord Of The Rings Slash Site
Ansereg Home Page
haldir lives
Tolkien-Lord of the Rings

patriot and JI

Jason's FanZone @
Colonel Tavington Fanfic and Art Site
Banastre Tarleton; Oatmeal for the Foxhounds;

vampire chronicles

-- Stories Untold -- IWTV specs
(VC) Endless Night novella
(VC) Le Enlèvement - sequel to endless night
The Vampire Armand Webring
VC Specs by Lara
VC strories mostly w armand
The Louis and Lestat's Spec Archive
The Brat Queen - Fan Fiction
Twilight Gardens
SANGUIBIBITOR Sapientia by Wiebke Fesch
-- Stories Untold (saddest words in any lang 52part louis armand
Stone Pillow; No Frames

Repossession btvs
CKoS Oz Slash Fan Fiction Page
Warning! Slash Cotillion
Boys in Chains Fiction Archive
The Sharpe Smut Page
Gladiator Fan Fic Archive
Lady Cyrrh Archive of Story Reviews
Vincent Chip's Houseguests
Fandoms at the Complete Kingdom of Slash
Common as the Rain Studios eros
Amothea's Angst Archive (frame version)
The Sharpetorium
Juxian Tang's fiction
C5 HBO's Oz fan fiction, includes slash, and multimedia
Homosexuality in Eighteenth-Century England
Waveney Zineshop
Art of Vin Diesel HENTAI
The Wolverine & Rogue Fanfiction Archive - fanfiction

fashion design etc

cool site of crazy hair
Gothic Fashion Site
Georgian Index - Home
The Costumer's Manifesto  Places to get Costume Supplies
Eras of Elegance - The Baroque Era
The Costumer's Manifesto 17th Century Costume Movies
La Couturière Parisienne
L'Age d'Or & Kirke's Lambs - Baroque Living History Society
Farthingales Fabrics by Mail Costume & Theatrical Supplies
Ages of Elegance, Producers of Reproduction historical clothing
Samurai Armors
man's coat 1730-50
french and indian war reenactment
Calontir Trim - Fantastic Trims and Fantastic Prices - Fabric Trims of All Types and Styles for All Costumes and Apparel
British Empire Army Uniforms
The Society of 18th-Century Gentlemen Created Gems loose fake gemstones
Valentine Armouries - Gallery of past projects
ShatzUSA - Source for Timmings - Buckles, Snaphooks, Cord Locks, Metal Hardware


Baen Free Library
MOVIEWEB Movie Alphabetical Listing Gallery - A to Z Listing
Toby's Film Stills


Student Email GSU - Home Page
Welcome to Georgia State University
Study German online - German Language Courses
Braune Strömungen innerhalb der Gruft-Szene
The Nibelungenlied Introduction
BMZ Online MHD woerterbuch
Old English Made Easy
Douglas W. Jones on Bookbinding
the letter x


ModelLaunch Features Models
future model men
MaleModeling.Net Everything you wanted to know about male modeling...
Homens Bonitos - Os homens mais bonitos de todos os tempos
ford models
Models1 - male model stable
Adinda's Model Agency Holland
Spoon Magazine
Our A-List [of male models]
BW scans opening Index
The Carlson Twins
Galleries . Beautiful Men . Photography by Gareth Watkins
REQUEST model management
Place Model Management Welcome !
cspeedetal .. ET AL---scans

ABF Frequently Asked Questions
Fenice Venetian masks
SIL Encore IPA Fonts
The Long Hair Site
SYSTRAN - online translator
Estey Welded Frame Steel Shelving - Vernon Library Supplies
Turning the Pages
colored pdf middle earth map
On snot and fonts
Ultimate Outdoors Shopping Cart System
PROPAGANDA Desktop Enhancement Graphics For Linux!
Occupational Outlook Handbook
webcam on the grand canal
Welcome Guide for International Students CA'FOSCARI
Guided walking tours of Venice Italy
Photo Gallery - - Portale di Venezia®
VENICEBANANA - (almost) everything about Venice-Italy- venice webcam
Unofficially Yours Jason Isaacs - Index
The Scarlatti Project - Music and Research into the composer Alessandro Scarlatti
Catalog Requests and Ordering

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