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Anna's Vanity Website: Calligraphy

Cryptic is good! The harder to read the more interesting it is!

Luxeuil Miniscule
intriguing hand from 7th-8th cent.

Elizabethan Court Hand

some rather poor copperplate (18th cent.)


First, being interested in phonetics, and also in secret alphabets no-one can read, and ALSO in Tolkien's world of Middle Earth, and his created languages...
I decided to create my own fully phonetic method of writing English using his Tengwar alphabet. Tolkien himself was not strict about writing English phonetically in this alphabet - really there aren't quite enough characters to accomplish it gracefully. The consonants are fine, but when it comes to the complicated array of English vowels and diphthongs, some tweaking had to occur. Below is my final version. I doubt very much that anyone else is interested in this little exercise. More's the pity. Yes: this is hardcore geek playtime. Snicker all you want - I had my fun!

Create a hybrid hand - Textur Tengwar! This is Tolkien's alphabet, the tengwar, put into a Textur form. Sort of ugly really. The tengwar are definitely better suited to curves and loops.

The second and much more successful hybrid hand, Copperplate Tengwar. I thought it turned out really nicely! The text is the first few sentences on page number one of Fellowship of the Ring, in English written out using my phonetic system.