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Joe's First Corset - October 2007

In October 2007 I made my first corset. I figure I have made other things more complicated and $300-500 is way too much when I could learn how to do it myself! My sewing machine was out of whack so I made the entire thing by hand. The pattern was Laughing Moon Mercantile's #113 - Under Bust Corsets. My only other reference was Linda Sparks' book The Basics of Corset Building. I did not alter the length of the pattern from the original, but I did have to take in the muslin about three times before it would fit him. Construction was very easy and would have taken no time at all if I had used a machine. It fits him perfectly except for some bagging at center front. This could have been fixed if we had done one final fitting, after attaching the lacing grommets and busk, but before tacking in the waist tape or sewing down any boning channels. These are all 1/4" spiral steel bones. The busk is 10" long. Eyelets 3/8". The pattern allowed for double the number of boning channels but I decided against it as this is his first corset and I don't want it to be too constrictive - he would be less likely to wear it. Next time around I will consider getting a heavier type of bone - especially if I am going to wear it - but for Joe's first corset this was perfect. The spiral bones show their lightness at the back, where they bend at the point of greatest stress. A flat spring steel would have worked better at center back as it would have less side-to-side give!

All pictures of the opened corset show it right side up.

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Updated October 2007